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Labour Relations Specialist & Front End Developer

Hello! I’m Matt Laframboise, the owner & founder of Meteor Strategies. I provide organizations in Ontario strategic solutions for their website, labour relations, branding, data visualization, cybersecurity, and media needs. This website provides easy access to my experience, education, accomplishments, and how to easily contact me.

Work Experience

2016 - Present

Owner & Founder

Meteor Strategies

At Meteor Strategies I manage, develop, and execute technology and labour solutions for organizations across Ontario.

I work directly with clients to help understand their goals and execute a strategy to fulfill them.

With years of interest in multiple fields, I have heightened my acumen in the following:

  • Labour Relations
  • Front End Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Design
  • Data Visualization
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Education Workshops
  • Cybersecurity
2015 - 2016

Labour Relations Specialist

SEIU Healthcare

After four years as an Organizer at SEIU Healthcare I advanced to Labour Relations Specialist.

The position entailed member engagement, communication, relationship building, workplace harrassment & violence investigations, contract negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and grievance settlements.

Additionally I was a member of the Joint Health & Safety committee

  • Represented over 2200 Members in 13 Nursing Homes, and covering 15 Collective Agreements
  • Mentoring and educating of 58 Union Stewards
  • Responsible for the proposals, negotiations and drafting of all 15 Collective Agreements
2011 - 2015

Labour Organizer

SEIU Healthcare

I helped Healthcare workers across the province of Ontario achieve fairness and respect in their workplace through Labour Organizing, Team Building and Collective Bargaining.

  • Approximately 1000 workers organized
  • Victorious Sunnybrook Hospital PSLRTA vote in 2013
  • First organizer to successfully win a displacement application in SEIU’s Canadian history
2009 - 2011

Web Developer & Organizer

Ontario Workers Union

Ontario Workers Union is where I officially began my career in the Labour Movement. There, I helped create, grow and organize the newly created Union from the ground up, organizing approximately 2000 Hospital workers in the GTA.

Other Work Experience Includes:


Sales Manager

United Computers

At United Computers I managed over a sales team of 10 workers, where we sold both retail and commercial contracts. I also closed the first sales contract with Curves Fitness, which went on to be a massive chain across Ontario.


2011 - Present

Online Courses


Completed Courses Include: WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Python, Bootstrap 3, AngularJS, Responsive Design, Mobile Application Development, SEO, Social Media, OOP and Accessibility.

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2004 - 2012

Online Courses

Mohawk College


Completed Courses Include: Photography, Web Development, HTML, Health & Safety (3 Levels), Labour Relations, Labour History, Labour in Politics, Microsoft Office

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2007 - 2008

Culinary Arts

Liaison College

Liaison College provided me with the thorough understanding not only of the cooking side of Culinary, but the financial and managerial aspects of running an efficient business.

2004 - 2006

Computer Network & Administration

Mohawk College

Studying at Mohawk College introduced and provided me the alternative skillset of Web Development, Graphic Design, Computer Programming, and App Development

Professional Skills

  • Labour Relations

    Relationship Building 95%
    Settlements / Negotiations 85%
    Relationship Management 85%
    Conflict Resolution 90%
    Legislation Knowledge & Execution 85%
    Issue & Crisis Management 85%
    Bill 168 Dispute Resolution 80%
    Contract Costing & Interpretation 90%
  • Web Development

    HTML5 90%
    CSS3 85%
    JavaScript 80%
    jQuery 80%
    Python 70%
    PHP & MySQL 80%
    Adobe Photoshop 85%
    Adobe Illustrator 75%





My Interests

Outside of my professional life I have a number of interests, that either relate directly to improving my skillset, or add to an increased level of daily fulfillment and enjoyment.

  • Online Courses
  • Weight Lifting
  • Yoga
  • Electronics
  • Camping
  • DIY
  • Finance & Investing
  • Culinary Arts

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